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Being diagnosed with tonsil cancer is hard to swallow

Just Sayin..................................
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Lisa sent you a hug.
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ba dump bump! Chhhhhhh :)
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Yea, I also learned that!
Huh! Tell me about it!!! I* do love you wit Mike!!!
Nothing is hard to swallow if you gulp enough times.
Ouch! That play on words needs to be extracted and radiated!!!!
Rim-shot. And back in the day the MC would be saying, "Bring on the strippers". (Couldn't resist: too many years of stand-up & being married to a fellow former stand-up.) Ba doom boom, Nicole
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Vital Info


April 26, 2010

Grasonville, Maryland

June 25, 1958

Cancer Survivor

Cancer Info

Tonsil Cancer

Poorly Differientated Basiloid Squamos Cell Carcinoma

March 19, 2010

Stage 4

over 6.1

Grade 3


$10,000.00 for the DeCesaris Cancer Inst. possibly by organizing an annual fishing tournament

The stress it put on my family especially my rocks Chris and Jessica they are the reason Im fighting to stay alive

If you dont have a sense of humor about this horrible disease you need to get one fast everyone involved will appreciate something to smile or laugh about every day

Remember that we are not cured when the treatments sre done thats just when it starts we still cant swallow or eat for many months to come so please be patient.

Death I guess and that not an option there are fish to catch and deer to shoot !

Tonsil and 2 Lymph Nodes left neck

I run them for a living so I don't have time to be in one nothing personal. I think they are great.

DeCesaris Cancer Inst. Annapolis Maryland

Keep Swallowing stay hydrated swallow some more stay hydrated

Laugh and when you feel like crying Laugh again if you cant find something to laugh about you'll go insane from this disease

June 17, 2010

February 8, 2011

Lump on left neck didn't change in size or color or pain level even after antibiotics



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